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An interdisciplinary educational project for the Ministry of Culture and the European Union.

European Union-funded project - Next Generation EU - PNRR

With "Sustainability For Marketing" Fidelio has succeeded in its
intent to create an audiovisual product of quality and capable of communicating
perfectly with the younger generation the values related to
ecological transition and acceptance of innovative processes in
society and also in companies.

The episodes filmed follow a main narrative thread concerning
the adoption of responsible behaviors and positive impact
on the environment and conveying, at the same time, the idea that
positive changes in this regard it is important that they start from the bottom.
Set in the arena of a restaurant, the episodes focus on
Paul, the protagonist and new manager, who decides to transform it into an
eco-friendly restaurant, even questioning his own ideals.

The first episode deals with the theme of consumer perception
with respect to an eco-friendly offering: in short, eco-friendly
offerings (which in our case concern the food sector, but it is
a valid discourse on all markets), are not easily accepted
by consumers.

In the second episode, the theme discussed is how certain
eco-sustainable behaviors are seen as "problematic" or
"tiresome" by consumers, who do not understand why they should
behave in a certain way if no one else does.

The third episode deals with the issue of habit behaviors:
living in an eco-sustainable way involves changes in our
daily habits that are difficult to eliminate.

The last episode, which concludes the series, addresses
how some environmental issues are "invisible," or
perceived as "distant." When you eat a slice of meat not
you "see" the pollution required to bring it to your plate, and
this applies to all foods with high environmental impact. Bringing
the consumer to make an eco-friendly choice by also being careful
this aspect is the challenge the restaurant sets in the latest

Directing - Dominic Cross

Cast - Freddy Drabble and Marta Bulgherini

Editor - Giorgio Maria Nicolai

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